LS Forecourt

Olafur Jonsson

LS Nav Forecourt: take your gas station to the next level

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Can a single software solution handle the wide variety of tasks involved in operating a modern petrol station? The answer is yes. So learn how LS Nav Forecourt, fuel POS and management software, can help you manage the daily work at your petrol stations, from running the operations to handling your wet stock – and more.

Watch this video to:

  • Get an insight into the main features and processes of our fully integrated petrol station management software.
  • Get an introduction to the key functions of the system, from controlling pumps from the POS, to viewing the status of pumps in real time with past transactions, to selling fuel in the POS with pre-pay and post-pay, and so on.
  • See how easy it is to use and maintain LS Nav Forecourt during the live demo of the software.

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Fuel your margins with our one-stop gas station software solution. Read more about LS Forecourt or request a demo.


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