February 16 2015


Another day has gone by and your to-do list is nowhere decreasing! Sometimes it really feels that there are not enough hours in the day to achieve all the needed tasks.

Then you get an email inviting you to an international conference…
Well, it looks very promising, but it’s also 3 days excluding traveling time and additional workshops. There are those sessions that could really make your job easier, but will your boss sign off the expense? It would be an amazing networking experience, but will it make it up for the hours away from your current projects? So many questions to consider…

To put your conscience at rest, we listed up the top reasons to attend conneXion 2015 in Dubai, because taking part in LS Retail’s conference and expo could be just what you need to get inspired and uncover new ways to grow your business. In particular you could:

1. Gain relevant insights into the right technology for your business

Fast check-outs, improved inventory management, mobile payment solutions, loyalty apps are just a few examples on how the right technology can drive you and your company to greater success. At conneXion 2015 you will discover easy and practical software systems that can help you to achieve exactly that, by boosting sales and decreasing operational costs. Sounds interesting? Check out sessions like:

  • LS Nav 2015 – Easier, Simpler, Faster
  • Click & Collect – Changing the Customer Experience and Product Delivery
  • How Tablets are Changing the In-Store Retail Experience
  • Up and Running in Minutes… With More Time to Build Your Retail Empire
  • “Sorry. Your Item is Sold out”
  • The Engagement Economy – Moving From Logical Interaction to Emotional Engagement

2. Learn from retail and hospitality experts through their proven success strategies

Network with the retail and hospitality community, industry influencers, and LS Retail experts, exchanging ideas in a highly interactive environment. Get answers to your specific technology questions from the industry experts who helped create and know the most about the products you’re using.

Do this and more through sessions like:

  • Global Retail Innovation: Concepts and Trends Driving Change
  • adidas – Putting Customer Satisfaction at the Heart of the Business
  • A.S. Roma Scores the Winning Goal with LS Retail
  • KFC customer story – Their Secret to Staying “Sooo Good”
  • Choice Hotels and the digital transformation in the hospitality industry
  • “Ask the Consulting experts”

3. Create a personalized learning experience

  • Select your own mix of sessions by focusing on what interest you the most about retail, restaurants and hospitality, technical tips, consumer trends and more. See the full agenda for more details.
  • If you want to grow your technical knowledge you can also choose to attend the optional pre-conference workshops and training and register for the free Certification Test that follows.

4. Take full advantage of your software investment and reduce costs in the process

Discover how to grow your business with our complete integrated software solutions. Learn how best to use your chosen software to improve productivity and maximize results. Gain powerful insights on the many improvements we’ve made to support your business needs.

Do this and more through sessions like:

  • The Retail Project – Why is it so Special?
  • Keynote speech: Easier Simpler, Faster by Magnus Norddahl
  • LS POS – Not Just a Pretty Face
  • LS Nav: Size Doesn’t Matter… If You’re Totally Connected
  • Ask the Consulting experts
  • LS One – A series of possibilities in international retail operations

5. Visit the Expo to see in action the latest advancement in retail and hospitality technology

From Microsoft to HP, from Toshiba to AGR to Cenium and many more. Visit our sponsors and exhibitors’ stands in the expo area, which is open

  • Wednesday 15th April: 10:00 – 17:00
  • Thursday 16th April: 10:30 – 14:45

And get the chance to see and try out the most cutting-edge solutions for retailers and restaurateurs. You can also check out our tablet and mobile POS, Member and Loyalty systems and much more.

6. Have fun

Enjoy a series of complimentary entertainment activities and networking opportunities, included in conneXion’s registration fee. Dance the night away at the the hosted beach party at the luxurious Jumeirah Beach Hotel on April 15th and taste amazing dishes at the dinner and awards ceremony at the Armani Hotel on April 16th. Finally, discover the magic of the Arabian Desert during the desert adventure tour on April 17th.


But there is more on offer:

Travelling to Dubai is surprisingly affordable. After all, it’s the home of the world’s busiest international airport (since 2014)

Dubai is a key transport hub connecting east and west. It connects one-third of the world’s population in a four-hour flight, two-thirds within eight-hours. There are lots of options for getting there. The impressive capacity of Dubai airport makes for surprisingly good deals. Those who have already booked are raving about the deals, compared with other closer destinations. Check out the great fares from Europe in particular!

We’ve negotiated terrific deals at some stunning hotels

conneXion will take place at the world-famous Madinat Jumeirah Resort. A variety of hotels and accommodations near the conneXion site, including the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates, are offering us plush rooms at very reasonable rates.

Finally, let’s not forget that Dubai is a really special place to meet:

Dubai’s landmark architecture, world-class touristic offerings and a safe and welcoming environment make it a “must-see” destination. It’s a remarkable crossroads for global business with a rich history and a vibrant future.

Dubai‘s dynamic hospitality and retail sectors were some of the reasons it will host the World Expo in 2020.

Dubai will be the first city in the Middle East and North Africa to host a World Exposition… in just five years. You can get a special preview of the preparations.