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These are the speakers and presenters that will bring conneXion to life and will make it an appointment that you can’t afford to miss!

Keynote Speakers

Check out our presenters' lineup.

Magnus Norddahl Chief Executive Officer and President
Marko Perisic General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365
Doug Stephens Retail industry futurist
Dadi Karason Chief Technology Officer

Our Speakers

Matthias Matthiasson Product Director, LS Nav
Aslaug Gudjonsdottir Product Specialist, LS Nav
Petur Thor Sigurdsson Product Director, LS Omni
Anna Kristin Jeppesen Product specialist, LS One
Andries Roux Product Director, LS One
Martin Kleindl Product Director for LS Fashion & Replenishment
Elinborg Ingunn Olafsdottir Senior Developer, Machine Learning
Hordur Kristjansson Developer, LS One
Fanney Kristjansdottir Developer, LS Omni
Finnur Sigurdsson Training Manager, LS Academy
Gudrun Hegarty Olafsdottir Product Director, LS Express
Gunnar Ingimundarson Chief Consulting Officer
Maria Lovisa Amundadottir Developer, Machine Learning
Gunnar Orn Thorsteinsson Product Owner, LS Hospitality
Henrik Oskar Thordarson Consulting Manager LS Pharmacy
Lovisa Bjork Juliusdottir Developer, LS Pay
Eggert Gudmundsson Solution Lead
Kristjan Johannsson Chief Business Development Officer
Anna Manning Partner Operations Team Member
Olafur Jonsson Product Owner, LS Nav
Saeed Sanai Product Director, LS First
Kayla Magnan LS Express Specialist
Solvi Hjaltason Developer, LS Pay
Hanna Maria Johannsdottir Developer, LS Omni
Hjalti G. Hjartarson Product owner LS Omni
Mike McBurney Consultant
Maria Ellingsen Actor, director, writer and coach