Marko Perisic

General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Marko is responsible for the product strategy and product development of all Dynamics SMB products. Marko has conceptualized and driven the delivery of the releases of Dynamics NAV that have transformed the product from a great desktop on premise product, to a mobile-first and cloud-first world class solution for SMBs. During this time, Microsoft has delivered an unprecedented wave of innovation to NAV partners and customers with Dynamics NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2, NAV 2015 and recently released NAV 2016. With the successes in Dynamics NAV, Marko is excited to continue to deliver amazing experiences and productivity to partners and customers across the SMB product portfolio including NAV, GP, SL and C5 (the Small Business solution in Denmark).

Before joining Microsoft, Marko enjoyed a career of leading a number of startup organizations in delivering high-quality customer-focused software solutions. The range of solutions spanned from fiber-optic simulations for the telecom industry, to online solutions for management of employee stocks for large enterprises. Marko strongly believes that, no matter what the solution, obsessing about the customer experience and ensuring sustained deep engagement with the product and the market, is the key to being a successful leader in the software industry.

Company: Microsoft