April 28 2016


As far back as two millennia ago, the Romans were busy laying well-planned, straight roads with the aim of connecting people, fostering commerce and shortening distances. And isn’t that exactly the same reason why we are building software solutions today?

Just like Roman roads, which are still in use today, we want our solutions to last, and help people connect. But how to bring lasting value when change is occurring at a greater and greater pace?

In the past year, we have worked hard on improving ourselves, trying to go faster than the changing times. We have made our solutions easier to use and our processes quicker and more effective.

And we have studied the retail market very carefully.

Let’s make it simple

Today’s customers are very different from the customers of yesterday. They are not sold to: they buy. They research products and make informed buying decisions on their own – often long before speaking to a sales person.

The reasons why people choose a product over another are many; one of the most important factors, however, is simplicity. If your products are easy to buy and use, if you remove complications and frictions, people will go for them.

Based on these insights, we are now focusing more than ever on delivering, and helping our customers deliver, frictionless value. We have been investing on cloud deployments, which guarantee mobility, instant value, and worldwide access to software. In the past year we have refactored LS Omni to operate in the cloud, and we have added new mobile clients.

This is part of our increased focus on product development. Since we started on our path to continuous delivery with LS Nav, we have been distributing monthly updates, we have increased product quality through testing, and we have managed to cut delivery time down by 99% – all achievements that make us very proud.

We have not only strengthened our focus: we have also increased our financial investment, with the aim of improving our products. In 2015 we invested over €5 million into Research and Development – an investment that paid off. In the past year we have grown 57% across our regions, with the Americas being the region where we grew the most. In 2015 we grew by 157% in the USA, 64% in the UK, more than 100% in the UAE and by a whopping 302% in Vietnam.

Our successes are even more impressive when you take a step back and look at the big picture: we have managed to grow our revenue an impressive 800% in the last 5 years. That is impressive even to us!

People ask us, “How did you do it?”

Our secret recipe

The answer is no secret: it’s our ecosystem. Our success depends on our cooperation with our partners and customers, who make our products known worldwide and drive us to innovate and provide even more tools that best fulfil their needs.

Richard Branson said that business success depends on three factors: people, people people. We agree completely: together we are larger than the sum of our parts, we can reach further. Together we can drive innovation and change, deliver unforgettable shopping and dining experiences, and build the road to the retail world of tomorrow.