May 21 2015



Marko Perisic, Director of Program Management – Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dadi Karason, CTO at LS Retail, shared with us their ideas and predictions about present and future trends.

The current retail world is marked by speed and flexibility. Consumers are buying at increasing pace, and do it through a multitude of channels – not just in stores, but on their computers, tablets, and mobiles. If we want to keep up with our customers we need to move at least at the same speed. Technology enables us to do that. Research shows that tech-savvy businesses grow revenue faster than businesses which do not adopt the latest technologies.

The cloud-first, mobile-first world is here to stay – and it offers forward-looking retailers huge opportunities to capitalize on. Cloud-based products and services are expected to generate around 100 billion USD in 2015 alone.

But how can the cloud benefit retailers?

Cloud-based software solutions are the answer.

LS Retail is going to release cloud-based versions of its retail software solutions that will be easier to install, simpler to use and faster to learn.

Retailers will be able to save time and money by installing cloud-based software which works straight out of the box, with no customization required, and that can be installed in a matter of minutes, allowing retailers to be immediately operative. Our streamlined cloud-based software is tailored on the needs of small and medium businesses, who can now get a cutting-edge, out-of-the-box software solution with all the core features retailers need at a fraction of the cost.

LS Retail plans to continue to deliver innovation to help retailers meet their business needs in an easier, simpler, faster way.
Our future goals include

  • Low footprint POS that can be deployed in minutes;
  • Widening the scope of our e-commerce offers, as e-commerce is an ever growing sales channel which shows no signs of slowing down;
  • Improving our analytics and reporting tools, to provide retailers with even more powerful cross-selling and upselling tools and better ways to analyze promotions.

LS Retail is also moving towards continuous delivery via monthly released of our products, to make sure that retailers are always up-to-date and on top of their game.

Jason Jennings said, “It’s not the big that eat the small. It’s the fast that eat the slow”. The cloud has become too big to ignore: join us on it, and stay competitive in an increasingly fast business world.