February 16 2016


What makes a company a true global player?

At LS Retail, being global is part of our daily work. We get requests from every corner of the world, the LS Retail systems have been translated into dozens of languages and implemented across more than 75 countries. Our wide reach is made possible by our over 220 partners who are distributed around the globe: thank to our partner network, we are able to serve companies in the nearest and most remote places in the world.

To keep up with the industry and all our customers, some of our staff travels significantly on a yearly basis. This way we are able to provide assistance and support for our partner network, and to attend retail industry events all around the world.

Every year we also organize conneXion, our own conference and expo where we network, learn and grow with our partners and customers.

Why conneXion?

Every year, many partners and customers join us at conneXion – and keep coming back. It would take too long to list all the reasons to attend conneXion Rome, so here are but a few:

Partners benefit particularly from coming to conneXion:

  • Discuss the products and services we offer – from our innovative mobile retail device to the latest Magento integration – with the very LS Retail experts who are developing the products.
  • Influence the direction our projects will take in the future.
  • Discuss current and future industry trends with professionals and experts in the sector. In the past, conneXion has seen the participation of industry thought leaders such as Doug Stephens, the Retail Prophet; Daniel Levine, global trends expert; and Mark Stuyt, buyer psychology guru. This year, we will learn how companies can disrupt their industry and drive growth with innovation from David Butler, VP of innovation and entrepreneurship at Coca-Cola.
  • Sharpen the focus and renew the enthusiasm for LS Retail Software solutions, while networking with LS Retail’s staff and other international partners.

For retailers and hospitality organizations, there are plenty of reasons to come to conneXion. Join us to:

  • Discover how to take full advantage of your software investment and use it to become more productive, reduce costs and increase the bottom line.
  • Ask all the questions on your mind (even the difficult ones!) to the experts who helped create the products you use daily.
  • Learn practical tools to increase customer engagement and sales with social media from Mari Smith, social media guru.
  • Get valuable insights on how to improve your business by hearing about how other companies – from top Italian football club Juventus to Danish Apple premium retail chain Humac, and more — implemented LS Retail’s systems, and what results they got.
  • Learn how you can transform the in-store and online experience with LS Retail’s omni-channel suite of solutions.
  • See in person how our future releases can contribute to your success, and take a strategic step ahead of your competition.

Why Rome?

Our business is global, and so are we. For this reason, every year we choose a different location to hold conneXion. In 2014 conneXion took place in Reykjavik, in our homeland Iceland. In 2015 we held conneXion in cosmopolitan Dubai, a city where the retail and hospitality sectors are very advanced and extremely innovative.

This year, conneXion will take place in Rome, the capital of Italy. Why did we choose to host our event of the year in the Eternal City? Let’s go over the reasons…

  • Rome’s past and present are strongly tied to commerce. Ancient Rome boasted a retail system unparalleled in its complexity and development; modern Rome is still a central hub that attracts hundreds of thousands of shoppers and gourmets every year.
  • Ancient Romans were famous worldwide for their advanced technology, designed to connect the empire and create commercial networks. Centuries later, we at LS Retail design technology with exactly the same aim: to connect like-minded partners, and to strengthen and innovate commerce.
  • Rome is the Eternal city, built centuries ago and still standing… we are making that our goal for the future!


conneXion Rome will be held in Sheraton Roma Hotel on April 27-29, 2016. All our roads lead to Rome – where is yours heading?