April 21 2015

Magnus Norddahl, CEO of LS Retail, opened conneXion 2015 with a keynote looking at past successes and future challenges.

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At the time of last year’s conference, LS Retail was putting 2/3 of its revenue into development. The 2015 investment into research is set even higher because, for LS Retail, innovation is crucial.

In the past year LS Retail’s global revenue increased by 70%. The company saw the biggest relative growth in the Middle East, Africa and India region where we increased our revenue by 150%.

But we cannot sit still; consumer behavior is changing fast, and we have to be nimble and ready to react to change if we want to stay ahead of the game. At LS Retail we do not believe in the motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”: Although our products work, we believe it is important to improve them continuously, to make them even better than they are now.

To make sure our success continues in the future, we need to stay ahead of the curve. The world of tomorrow brings new demands; we are on the verge of a world where successful software solutions will need to:conneXion-2015-Magnus-Keynote

  • require little implementation
  • be offered via subscription, with very low up-front investment
  • mostly be standard solutions, with low levels of customization
  • be deployed via cloud, enabling companies to grow fast and flexibly

We have to make plans for this new world now, and start building a bridge towards it by developing a new way of thinking. We believe that the mantra “easier, simpler, faster”, around which this year’s conneXion conference was built, will lead us to our future. “Easier, simpler, faster” translates into providing our customers with software solutions that are:

  • easier to use, to cut training times and cost and ensure productivity, and better customer service;
  • simpler, which is why we propose out-of-the-box software solutions requiring little to no customization;
  • faster, which means we guarantee continuous delivery of updates, so that you can always stay innovative and competitive by being at the leading edge of technology.

Our teams are working hard on making our solutions easier, simpler and faster: from shorter implementations, to more cloud-friendly products, to faster releases and complete products that do not require further customization, our philosophy is becoming a reality.

Among our many projects, we are also working on co-developing a cloud solution with Microsoft.

We will continuously work to improve ourselves, so that you can always be competitive. At LS Retail we make it our aim to help you get your job done with the outcome you desire – easier, simpler, and faster.