May 21 2019

Up until now, products and experiences have been seen as two opposite ends of a spectrum, or a line. Your business may be either more about selling products, like retail, or more about providing experiences, like hospitality.

But. There is also an area, where these two worlds intersect.

We at LS Retail want to change this line into a circle, so retail becomes an experience and hospitality can include products. And as always, we will have the person, our consumer, in the middle.

There is quite a big difference between reacting to the needs and wants of people, than to aim to surprise them. To go beyond their expectations.

But in many retail and hospitality businesses, the challenge is that the information you need to create an extraordinary experience, is hidden in multiple databases and operational systems.

Therefore, we at LS Retail have created a Unified Commerce platform where you store all the retail and hospitality data in one data base allowing you to deliver the magic with intelligence.