conneXion is unlike any other conference or trade-show. And here is why!

Don’t waste your time on generic industry meet-ups. At conneXion you connect with hundreds of attendees - from business decision-makers to C-suite executives – who are 100% focused on retail, hospitality and advances in technology.

Meet like-minded businesses that operate in your industry, swap ideas (and contact details) and create your company’s next big opportunity!

What is new to conneXion Iceland?

We will not have the typical setup as previous years. At conneXion 2020, we have simplified the process. Here is how:

  • Would you like to exhibit your products/services? You can book and purchase the conneXion Iceland promo package at € 2,990 per package. Included in the price:
    • Presence:
      • 1 x cocktail table and highchair
      • 1 x power box
      • Wi-Fi connection
    • Digital and on-site branding:
      • Company logo on the official conneXion website, app and conference program
      • Sponsor acknowledgment on digital screens during conference
    • Extra onsite branding – e.g. floor, windows, wall – can be purchased for an additional fee. Details to follow later in Q4 2019.
    • IMPORTANT! Each person that will be in attendance at your exhibitor table in the expo area will also need to purchase a 3rd party delegate ticket (see details below) directly on
    • Please download and read carefully the agreement, tick the boxes of the option(s) you want, sign and send to
  • Are you an exhibitor or do you work for a 3rd party company that is not an LS Retail partner? You do not need to buy the expo branding sponsorship to attend conneXion Iceland. You can simply register with the 3rd party delegate ticket at € 2,990 per person (or you can save EUR 400 if you book before 15th December) on the registration page.
    The 3rd party conference ticket includes access to:
    • The entire conference program
    • Lunches and coffee breaks
    • The evening program: dinner at the LS Retail offices on Monday and celebration party at the Whale Museum on Tuesday
    • IMPORTANT: exhibitors will need to purchase an exhibitor/3rd party company ticket for each person that will be at your table in the expo area. These tickets are additional to the promo package here above.

  • Is your product already integrated or tested with LS Retail solutions? We will have an LS Retail shop and restaurant and can showcase your products in our booth. IMPORTANT: LS Retail will showcase the products and solutions that add value to LS Retail and has already been integrated or tested with LS Retail products and/or solutions. Just contact us.
  • Finally would you like to become a speaker at conneXion Iceland? We have a limited number of speaking slots available. Each slot is 30 minutes long, and costs € 5,990 per session. Everyone can apply, but please note that each session topic and speaker will need to be approved by LS Retail. Please keep in mind:
    • Ideal topics: only presentation that add clear value to our audience will be considered.
    • Requirements: The presentation will need to deliver clear, actionable takeaways. You may not present anything that are in direct competition with LS Retail. To avoid any doubt, please get approval of your topic from LS Retail no later than 17 January 2020.
    • The speaker slot does not include any ticket to attend conneXion – you can purchase those directly on the registration page

    Please download and read carefully the agreement, tick the boxes of the option(s) you want, sign and send to
    Once the session has been approved, we will be in contact with the main speaker, who will be asked to deliver:

    • Title of Session: (max 10-15 words)
    • Description of session: (max 50 words)
    • Intended audience
    • Key takeaways

    Contact us to become a speaker

Please note!

Attendees purchasing the promo package may not exhibit any products that are in direct competition with LS Retail. To avoid any doubt, attendees wishing to take advantage of their promo package are required to get approval from LS Retail about the products they will display and advertise at conneXion. LS Retail reserves the right to refuse to display products that might be in competition with LS Retail, both at the conference and on the conference media assets. LS Retail will not provide any refunds nor refund any exhibit expenses to attendees wishing to exhibit products or services not compliant with the above.

Why you should exhibit at conneXion

Watch the videos below to hear first hand what our previous partners and exhibitors thought about conneXion 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014:

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conneXion Reykjavik

Apply now to exhibit at conneXion

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and if you'd like to become an exhibitor.